Power Wheels Ford F-150

Power Wheels Ford F-150

Young children would like to grab the steering wheel on dad's pick up but that's often not recommended. Now this may be the solution. Give them a realistic to scale type of your own reliable pickup. The Power Wheels Ford F-150 incorporates an engine under the hood that appears just like the real deal. It offers rear view mirrors and a windscreen that would make them really feel they are driving a real vehicle.

Chunky sizeable tires make the truck perfect for off-road excitement, of course that's what they normally want to do with dad's vehicle. It also possesses a truck bed so that they can ferry the pretend merchandise and whatever else they might desire to do for you.

Enable the little big man to drive around lending you a helping hand in their Power Wheels Ford F-150 and you will have a responsible son or daughter eager to lend you a helping hand hauling things around.

The F-150 offers a top speed of 3mph which is suitable for running on walkways, the backyard or perhaps the private drive and it even has a back-up gear that is engaged at the push of a button. Discovering how to drive it will be a great deal of fun.

Ford F-150


The F-150 is an ideal gift so you can get them started on being familiar with motor vehicle responsibly. It's run by a 6 volt power pack, along with battery charger. The top speed being 3mph ensures they will maintain a safe pace.

The Truck is delivered in a CKD (Completely Knocked Down kit) which can be very easily constructed using the straightforward instructions in the provided booklet. The rear view mirrors are real looking and offer them an extra sense of realism even while cruising all over in their pick up. The flatbed has enough space to carry a few pounds of things.

Even two year olds are able to handle this vehicle without difficulty. The stickers on the bodywork add to the attractiveness of the car. Battery life is a few hours. For any 2 year old even an hour in the pickup truck is a lot of time and they rarely have that long of an attention span.

It takes about eight hours to totally charge up the battery pack after it runs out of power.

The accelerator and also automatic braking system is on an easy to get to floor pedal.

Interesting Features

The small form factor yet durable construction of the vehicle makes certain your son or daughter has the ability to operate the truck while not having to be concerned with the rough road.

The strong materials basically mean that the vehicle may be used for several years by a 2 year old after which you can hand it down to the next 2 year old to be conveniently used again. The battery pack operates for an impressive 3 hours on a single re-charge.

A six volt electric battery energizing this vehicle that does up to 3mph is included in the package in addition to the charger.


  • Dimensions: 47 x 21 x 25 inches ; 95 pounds
  • Weight: 48 pounds 
  • Power: 6V LiAh battery with charger (included)
  • Material: plastic, metal

Individual Evaluations and scores

This Power Wheels Ford F-150 retails for less than $150 on Amazon.com with FREE shipping. At the time of this review it had 72 reviews of those 65 people rated it 4 stars or higher. That's a rating of 4+ stars by over 89% of the purchasers, quite remarkable.

This is an perfect gift for your young child to supply them a feeling of driving an actual car while increasing the fun aspect of their everyday lives.

Contrary to some people's thoughts that it might make the toddlers lazy it actually makes them more active as they spend time cleaning and maintaining the car as well, it's a tool to inculcate the responsible attitude towards one's possessions.

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